Tea based spreads!

Delicious and unique flavoured spreads with all natural ingredients and no sugar

The inspiration for this business comes from my personal experience.

Losing  weight and keeping it there was challenge to me as I love sweets and snacking. 

I have looked for healthy alternatives but I have faced limited options. 

So I decided to create some myself. 

Hee Jang, Founder/CEO

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Earl Grey milk tea spread

Full of Earl Grey fragrance, this spread has delicate flavour with silky texture. Like Earl Grey tea, Earl Grey milk tea spread has a very distinctive perfumed flavour with hint of bergamot smell and taste. It is time to tickle your taste buds!

Matcha milk tea spread

With Matcha's own bitter taste lingering sweetness afterwards, Matcha milk tea spread has rich, aromatic and unique flavour with milky texture. Enjoy the subtle astringent yet complex full-bodied flavour!

Meet us at the Hoxton and Chatsworth Road Markets!


Thank you for your waiting! We are now ready for trading and finally introduce our products at the Chatsworth Road Market on every Sundays!

Let’s meet there and meanwhile, if you have any inquiries or opinions, please contact us through Instagram @beau_duree

See you at the markets 🤗 100%

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See you all at the Hoxton and  Chatsworth Road Market on every Sats & Suns!

For more questions and updates,

please check at our instagram @beau_duree